What are Offline Maps and how can I use them?

  • Post by : Dan Barlett
  • Nov, 15 2016
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Offline maps are maps available to download for free through the Deeper app. You can download a huge range of offline maps for the different locations you fish. We recommend doing this before you set off on your trip using your home internet connection as it will be faster. To do this go to settings, choose offline maps from the menu and download the maps for your desired location. Then you can use the bathymetric mapping function, either in boat mode (all models) or onshore GPS mode (PRO+ only), to create detailed contour maps of the site you are fishing. Color-coded depth data from your sonar will be added directly onto the offline map you downloaded, so you don’t need an internet or mobile connection to use this function. To view the bathymetric maps you have created, click the ‘history’ icon on the top menu of the app. Please note your bathymetric data will not appear on the map for navigation which you access when you press the ‘map’ icon.