Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+



The ultimate in smart sonar fishing, the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ uses integrated GPS to turn your Deeper into an amazing mapping device.

Boasting a WiFi connection that enables great range and huge data transmission, what sets the PRO+ apart is its integrated GPS. This enables you to create real-time bathymetric maps of the site you’re fishing from both boat and shore. This allows you to pin point exact features in a way that was only previously possible using boat-mounted consoles. With an 80m / 260 ft range and a scanning to a depth of 80m / 260 ft, this GPS enabled, map-making device is ideal for the most demanding anglers and the most extreme conditions.

Advantages: GPS enabled mapping, incredible casting range and data transmission.

Best option for: professional anglers, extreme fishing


At 330 ft / 100 m the PRO+ has the furthest range of any castable sonar on the market. This is thanks to its WiFi connection, which also ensures superb accuracy in data transmission and rock solid connectivity.


The PRO+ offers high-precision scanning at depths ranging from 2ft / 0.5 m down to 260ft / 80 m. This means your PRO+ can handle any freshwater you fish without a problem, be it a channel or pond, a large lake or even while wading in a stream.


The PRO+ is kitted with high-grade components to offer higher scanning resolution and an extended dynamic range. This enables you to see and analyse much smaller underwater units, and to accurately identify specific underwater objects.


The PRO+ has a highly accurate internal GPS receiver that enables you to create detailed bathymetric contour maps of the waters you fish. With the PRO+ you can do this both onshore and offshore. The internal GPS also makes features such as GPS Ice Hole Marking quicker and easier to use.



Pinpoint your catch with ease thanks to the internal GPS receiver and offline mapping capability of the PRO+. These unique features enable you to map every feature and contour of the water bottom and locate the best biting spots by creating bathymetric maps from the shore or from your boat.


Take your underwater exploration to the next level with your PRO+ and the Deeper App’s extensive offline maps. The progressive shading added to your map as your PRO+ collects depth data makes it easy and intuitive to understand the water body you’re fishing. Every bathymetric map you create can be archived and easily accessed at any time, helping you to maximise your catch rate by targeting the most productive areas. Add layers of unlimited data to develop your own highly accurate maps. And these maps are great for navigating you and your crew through tight spots or shallow waters too. All area maps are free to download through the Deeper App – then hook up your PRO+ and starting adding data to them.



Connecting your smartphone or tablet to your PRO+ couldn’t be easier. Your PRO+ will turn on automatically when it’s in the water. Then simply to turn on WiFi on your smartphone or tablet, find the WiFi signal from your Deeper, and connect. No internet or phone signal is necessary. You can use your Deeper device anywhere in the world, so if your next fishing trip is in the Amazon rainforest, no problem.

Maximise connectivity: If you are casting your PRO+ long distances, it’s possible that you will experience connectivity issues. This is because, as the WiFi signal becomes weaker the further away it gets, your phone will automatically start searching for a stronger signal, which may cause disconnection. To stop this, simply turn off Mobile Data, and in the case of iOS devices WiFi Assist, and your phone will always stay connected to your smart sonar’s WiFi signal.


Choose the most suitable screen color mode based on the time and brightness of day to make sure you never miss a target. The Classic Screen Color Mode has a carbon background and provides a full-scale color palette to identify overall underwater action: green indicates underwater vegetation, the orange to yellow scale shows fish (the more intense the yellow, the stronger the sonar signal), the dark brown to orange scale refers to the bottom (the more intense the orange, the stronger the sonar signal), and blue points indicates the water surface.

The Day / Night Screen Color Modes contain enhanced colour palettes designed specifically to increase target separation and reduce underwater interference. In these modes, vegetation and fish are not indicated with a separate colour. Anglers can use the intensity of the sonar signals to differentiate objects, a technique typical for professional boat equipment.



PRO+ has all the information-packed features of the PRO – and more! See only what you need by adjusting your device sensitivity. Lower sonar sensitivity for muddy water to filter out image distractions and choose high sensitivity for crystal clear water conditions to set your eyes even on the smallest underwater action. Weighing just 3.5oz/100g and measuring 2.5ins/65mm in diameter, the diminutive device is suitable for use with standard rods and lines. The result is the highest-quality echo-sounder data available in a single, compact wireless unit.


Deeper’s range of smart sonars have picked up major international awards and are gaining ground among the world’s most prestigious and popular echo sounder producers. The Fishfinder 3.0 was the first ever fishing gadget to win a prestigious CES Best of Innovation Award, picking up the prize in the Wireless Handset Accessories category in 2016.

Deeper’s most recent awards include the John Dunphy Award for Innovation from the Australian Fishing Trade Association (AFTA), Best New Accessory at the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition (EFTTEX), and Best Electronic Device for modern angling at China Fish. These smart devices have also been named Editor’s Choice by Fish Alaska, Anglers Mail (UK) and the Russian Edition of PC Magazine.